That's how it works

This is how our DIY Lashes last up to 7 days!

Step 1.

Carefully remove the desired eyelashes from the packaging and remove the remaining adhesive on the eyelash band.

Step 2.

Adjust the lashes to the size of your eyes and remove any excess.

Step 3.

Apply the glue to the base of your natural lashes and let it sink in.

step 4

Now place the lashes at the base of your lashes and work from the outside in.

step 5

Press the lashes against your natural lashes with the applicator for a secure hold.

Seal the lashes with the TOP COAT for longer durability and to remove glue residue.

This is how you remove our lashes to reuse them

The best way to remove our lashes is with our remover or an oil-based eye make-up remover to remove all adhesive residue as best as possible so that you have a feeling of new lashes the next time you apply them.